gartenzyklus I - der tod und die liebe

by Blushing Melons

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intro 02:29
windwitch 04:29
Windwitch (Linja Meller) A princess from the northern lands moved to the Sahara. She was dressed in white gownes and wore mascara. She fell in love with two bright guys, one was brave and one was nice, And as a maiden she could not decide so she took both and started to hide. She’s a windwitch runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ for her failure, a wise bitch laughin’, laughin’, laughin’ with the devil, you can see her when silence is as pure as truth, phantasia has sent her their last wolf. The desert had two fine winds with different directions. Every wind led her letters to a different attraction. The one wind that blew in the night led the love to the other side than the one that blew day by day love letters the other way. The desert sun makes her run for the wrong letter although it would not matter. Our princess she used to be the center of attention, an actress who wanted to be long time mentioned. But her perfect magic lady life turned one day to the other side: Her nose grew long her hair got thin and then she started drinking gin.
hedgehog 03:59
Hedgehog (Linja Meller) One night I found a mirror and decided to change my head, so I took my mothers and put on my neck instead. But then I had to realize that people didn’t recognize, they just turned into slimy snails and I was the hedgehog I’m gonna kill my parents, they stole my personality, cause every time I smile people say “like mummy”. I returned to my old face and left home for a holy place I gave my heart to a higher man, the comeback of the camel All the creatures of my heart, the golden dragons, tiny monsters, I get to know them part by part, I’ll find my roots of Eve.
last cafe 04:20
Last Café (Linja Meller) mr john he made his last stepswalking on the bridge upon the platform which was built especially for people who feel they need to fly and to die he was a poet star a broken will a man who pays his sons to kill a farmer who has sold his soul a preacher with a heart of gold and on his right a sign did say downstair’s the way to the last café climbing down the staircase he fluently forgot about his decision with the squieking of the door the room presented him a strange vision: there sat leisure’s son, delightness’ mum satisfaction did say: ”this is the last café! you want to flee, fly like a dragonfly, no like smiling toy kicked out of use, a coward sloth too lazy to see that this bad fate is the fate of thee, you want to flee, fly like a dragonfly...” mr john he drank his coffee negotiating merrily with the devil, then he waved his hand to leave sad ‘thank you’ to the allegories. he went back his way out of the last café up on the plattform it was the end of his day and then he fled flew like a dragon fly no like a smiling toy kicked out of use he tumbled down through screaming athmospheres the natures indifference made the water freece and when mr john he met the ground he stood up and looked around might the devil bless his soul
mole 03:56
mole (Linja Meller) I’ll tell you the story of the old vagabond rummaging paths through the dirty old ground his eyes they were lazy the whole day was night too narrow, got crazy but too weak to fight but a long time ago he had forgotten what he now was looking for our vagabond climbed up all ridiculous hills searching the horizon and the light that fills his dreams that he tried to catch, but in vain cause the length of his sight was the devil to tame and the vagabond he sight and his tears filled the bottle of disillusion our vagabond failed failure was his tool a mole’s eyes are blind the horizon is in his soul one day our mole, he stopped to dig and his finale mole hill was his mole mound in his last few breaths, the solution was found you could never see with the eyes on the ground so cry for the mole an epitaph look up and laugh
pirates 06:10
Pirates (Linja Meller) Had lost my mind and ghost who told me how to work it out alone. We are the pirates of the ocean without gold, are the sheep who are waiting for the wolf. Mona Lisa had to stop to smile, sense is dead yes he had to die. He has found his last laughter an idea kind of humorous. We are the pirates of the ocean without gold, are the sheep who are waiting for the wolf. Mona Lisa had to stop to smile, sense is dead yes he had to die. We are the pirates but the treasure had been found, shillings lying worthless on the ground. My canary is happier than me, life is hard from on the age of thee She has sung a doleful song but the raven ate it all alone.
ant 03:12
ant (Linja Meller) if I could save my time in a bottle babe I would let it be there and go through the doors of perception in the arms of granny I would die for my lands of enlightenment and go forget all those hopes all those dreams for a miracle be happy when you feel an ant bite your nose if I could return to the end of the utero I would paint my whole flat red just for the lovely kick of my friends eyes in red I would laugh like suns in the morning, I would paint. if I could learn to fly for ten shillings babe I would reconstruct Icarus’ dream buy one thousand candles and cut a young tree fall down with the feeling of honey on my lips
samba 05:33
Samba (Linja Meller) Came home at night, dmdldldm, I was sure behind me was someone telling me that it’s a heresy that I’d never be in doubt. I followed him up on the balcony, where he reminded me that I was thee. So I was taken through, through to the other side, the other side of me. A coarse rusty steal claw screwed my face 180 degrees. I saw me myself in a jar tryin’ to catch my ass, so me. I’m breaking down on my revelation… I got aware of me, of me in agony to find you me – ääh – thee, but turnin’ turnin’ turnin’ like a cat to catch the tail in front of my head.
kaktus 05:09
Kaktus (Linja Meller) Das ist die Geschichte von einem grünen Strauch mit einer Blüte und Stacheln auch. Er sitzt jeden Tag am Fensterbrett und lechzt dem Igel die Stacheln weg. Herr Konfuzius Stacheldrusus will halt auch zum Gartenzyklus, will leben, graben, Köpfe tauschen, in einer Weinflasche durch Flüsse rauschen. Aber er kann nicht… Da kommt eines Tages eine Hexe vorbei, sie ist furchtbar schaurig schön und weiß allerlei. Sie ist eine Million Leben durch die Wüste gewetzt, doch wer mit dem Teufel lacht, der lacht zuletzt. Sie sagt stirb bevor du weinst oder spring bevor du greinst. Der Wind wäscht dir die Seele rein, der Vagabund schnitzt dir ein Bein. Und er springt zum Fenster raus, todesmutig und brutal, schreit stirb bevor du flennst oder spring bevor du brennst, und sein Leben ist nicht mehr normal! Konfuzius ist unten komplett zerschellt. Sein Samen war das Leben, sein Stachel war die Welt. Jeder Brösel seines Körpers war nun frei wie ein Vogel. Sie fügten sich zusammen, er war individuell. Herr Konfuzius Stacheldrusus ist jetzt auch beim Gartenzyklus, tut leben, lernen, leiden, lachen, mit der Igelin Liebe machen. Und er singt an lauen Sommerabenden, ganz leise, innig und banal, singt stirb bevor weinst oder spring bevor du greinst, denn sein Leben ist phänomenal!!!
outro 01:27


released January 1, 2005


all rights reserved



Blushing Melons Innsbruck, Austria

Funeral Folk Rock

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